Laura L.C. Allori in art Lallycula is a very talented and full of imagination artist from Genova. In 1997 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown, the year after she received a specialization of photographer from the Université libre de Bruxelles, in collaboration with the New Fashion of Milan.

Her art in the early years is influenced by academic teachers Fieschi and Chianese, while her photography is inspired by La Chapelle but leaves wide space to her personal creativity capturing images from her visual memory and history.

In the late 1990s she participates in important exhibitions both in Genova and elsewhere, quietly hidden among many young artists at the Venice Biennale, she goes unnoticed to the point of almost forgetting that experience; yet her work's sublime, an assembly in two dimensions entitled "Cera o non c'era?" where on the board are mixed styles and materials, combining the two Arts: photography and painting.

Meanwhile Lallycula, or rather, Laura, writes. Her romantic and fantasy novels inspire her art and, in the early 2000s, come back to vogue the stories of what we admire under the name "Per amore per' saga". These characters walk hand in hand with the artistic production of Lallycula together with a continuous and research for a union between the two arts she skillfully masters (painting and photography) and new ways of expression.

Lallycula has never stopped, she exposed photographs and paintings everywhere in prestigious solo and group exhibitions until a deep and painful stop between 2003 and 2007, when she lives a personal crisis and creative. But in 2006 she had resumed her novel and since that some guaches linked to its characters quickly appeared, then resulting in a powerful digital painting of which she can be defined as the forerunner.

Then Laura returns to paint and expose deftly and admirably his arts.

Despite the crisis, in 2006 begins the path that will lead her to the first degree (2010) and the Magisterium then (2011) in religious sciences. Throughout, with the collaboration of the Knight of Malta, she was awarded a PhD in arts and theology at the University of Malta (2008); Thanks to an occasional but successful collaboration with an Association of Genova and the National School of fine arts in Paris she was awarded a new PhD in contemporary art criticism (2009); in the same year, Edizioni Paoline gave her from Los Angeles a specialization for religious education through art through new media.

Her studies ended in January 2011 with the above-mentioned PhD in religious sciences but she never stopped: she wrote, painted digitally and otherwise, did photographs and graphics.

Today Lallycula operates in the three arts and writes reviews of other artists who certainly will be recalled thank for her expert and professional. Laura has a dowry enviable connection and peering inside the work that observes and describes, reads the soul of those who created it and never be seduced by easy money and trivial reviews. Artists reviewed by Laura are or will be big names in contemporary art history.

Besides all that she is the youngest artist in the collection Paolo VI in Concesio (BS) where she appears along with great names as Picasso, Sassu, Manzù, Severini and many others.